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GISS icecast v 2.3.2-kh4-giss releases

as copy/pasted from the wiki :


a release of an Icecast special version for G.I.S.S. has been made this month,
some modifications might be useful to some other projects
and fixed bugs has been imported in Karl Heye's branched icecast.

The G.I.S.S. icecast is only fit to run on a master server and needs to
be connected to a G.I.S.S. server database, so the slaves should run an
icecast >= 2.3.2-kh5 from http://www.icecast.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/

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APODIO DVD version 5.08-beta 2009 available right now!

APODIO official new release!!!! Right now on Sourceforge!!!!!!!!!!!

APODIO is a 5 years old Gnu/Linux distribution, dedicated to
multimedia tools for audio/visual creation, to run your own TV, Radio,
make your own film, animation, art installation, Live Coding and other
A/V performance... .

Download it here:


we are waiting for you feedback!!

there is a forum to talk about it:

APODIO is a GNU/Linux platform containing audio, text-friendly, 3D,
Streaming, graphic, Live Coding and video tools. It can be used as a
liveDVD or be installed on a partition of your hard disk (on any PC
32bits to Mac Intel).

APODIO is a GNU/GPL project, a part of the GNU/Linux Ubuntu family:

APODIO uses a well known system operating the GNOME desktop.

APODIO can easily and quickly be installed, as a whole, coherent,
pre-set and instantly ready system on your computer, rather than a
ramshackle combination of packages, And what you see as you use the
LiveDVD is also what you get after the installation.

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Minicomputer v1.3 released

Standalone free open source Linux software synthesizer Minicomputer is released in version 1.3.

This version features better envelope generators with exponential behaviour and compiles now with newer versions of GCC.

Minicomputer is a standalone Linux softwaresynthesizer for creating experimental electronic sounds as its often used in but not limited to Industrial music, IDM, EBM, Glitch, sound design and minimal electronic.
It is monophonic but can produce up to 8 different sounds at the same time. Synthesis is subtractive/FM with a morphing formant filter.


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veejay 1.4.5 released

Veejay 1.4.5 released

This is a bugfix release with minor feature enhancements


Main changes:

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veejay 1.4 released

Veejay is a 'visual' instrument and realtime video sampler

It allows you to "play" the video like you would play a piano.
While playing, you can record the resulting video directly to disk (video sampling).

Veejay can be used to manipulate video in a realtime environment i.e. 'VeeJay'
for visual performances or for (automated) interactive video installations.

Veejay 1.4 supports now the perspective transformation on a per-sample basis,
You can use this feature to calibrate your camera in such way that the video
projected corresponds with the object's position in physical space - at least,
approximately depending on pixel to millimeter ratio's. This is great for setups
wall projections like interactive mirrors or floor projections with interactive water
(rippleTV) You can also use this feature to project the video onto an object on stage.
This feature is in beta.

New Features:
* Beta: Camera/Projector calibration.
* Chained rendering of image effects
* Sample based perspective transformation setup (CTRL-s)
* Some new FX

* Veejay/GveejayReloaded

- Many bugfixes
- support lower resolution streams when playing in highres
- better colorspace support
- Improved handling of action files (veejay's saved settings)
- Improved OSD/Font rendering and SRT subtitling

( dependencies, themes, utilities )

( veejay client and server )

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